What Makes Proteoglycan So Special?

An essential component of skin and cartilage—Proteoglycan.

A new ingredient that enhances beauty and health


Proteoglycan is the general term for molecules that feature glycan/glycosaminoglycan and core protein modules combined in a fixed matter resembling stems and branches. It’s found in abundance within all animal cartilage and skin, including humans, and works to fill in and solidify the gaps between cells.

Skin hydration

Cosmetics use proteoglycan for its regenerative effects that impart a fresh look to skin, and for its remarkable moisturizing powers.


  • Promotes generation and activation of collagen and hyaluronic acids
  • Improves skin pigmentation and reduces wrinkles & sagging
  • Moisturizes and improves resilience

Supports joint movement

Excellent water-retaining properties and cushioning effects, acting like cartilage for smooth movement between bones to protect joints


  • “Moisture-retaining powers” that keep joints moving smoothly
  • “Pain-relief” by alleviating inflammation in joints
  • “Regenerative powers” that help to rejuvenate cartilage